Euresys is a leading supplier of video acquisition and processing components for machine vision and video surveillance applications, with more than 25 years of imaging expertise, a worldwide customer base, and patented technology.

Industrial Machine Vision Components

For industrial machine vision applications, Euresys offers a wide range of frame grabbers for digital Camera Link, CoaXPress and analog image acquisition. These boards include all the features required for a precise image acquisition: asynchronous reset support, exposure control, synchronization, I/O lines (trigger & strobe)...

Coaxlink is a series of CoaXPress frame grabbers designed to acquire images from the fastest and highest resolution cameras on the market. They target applications requiring high data rates, high frame rates, consistent real-time timings but also longer cable length, greater cable reliability and flexibility such as AOI, SPI and 3D SPI, printing inspection, Flat Panel Display or glass inspection.

The Grablink series offers the highest performance-price ratio for Camera Link (80-bit, Full, Medium, Base and Lite configurations) image acquisition. Moreover, the Euresys ECCO technology allows the users to go far beyond the Camera Link limits, extending the Camera Link cable length between the camera and the PC, or achieving higher acquisition speed. The ADR feature, a Euresys patented technology, provides simple and reliable line-scan acquisition.

The Domino series provides an interface with progressive analog cameras. They are based on the patented D3 technology, which brings analog image acquisition to the highest quality level.

Euresys also provides Open eVision, a rich suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis. Open eVision contains a set of libraries (DLLs, ActiveX controls and .NET classes) designed to be integrated into your application. The general purpose libraries cover applications such as image filtering and enhancement, blob analysis, pattern matching, alignment and metrology. The mark inspection libraries include functions for optical character recognition, character printing inspection and 1D / 2D barcode reading.

Open eVision includes a modern and flexible licensing system designed to help install the vision software tools and deploy the application on any platform.

Video-Surveillance Components

For high-end video-surveillance applications, Euresys offers innovative stand-alone IP video encoders for multiple HD-SDI / HDcctv cameras. They are able to compress and stream Full HD (1080p30) video over IP. They are ONVIF Profile S compliant, which makes them compatible with major VMS applications on the market.

The Euresys range of products also includes the Picolo series: high-quality video capture and compression cards for HD and standard analog cameras. These cards can be easily integrated in PC-based DVRs, monitoring, traffic and mobile surveillance applications such as for trains, busses and police vehicles.

Established in 1989, Euresys is built on a solid bed of experience in video acquisition, camera control, image processing and transport, offering quality solutions and premium support to OEMs and systems integrators worldwide.

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